energielabelThe house was recently built according to the latest building regulations, such as earthquake-resistant and energy-efficient through the use of modern techniques and the use of high-quality insulation material.

Energy efficient

Gas-fired central heating

600 liters of water heater on solar panels

Underfloor heating

Central vacuum cleaner system

Mechanical ventilation

Satellite reception

Connection sewerage

Energy-efficient: The energy label confirms by the classification B that our house deserves the title of "energy-efficient house" and the classification C implies "low greenhouse gas emissions".

Heating: The entie ground floor is equippped with underfloor heating. The other rooms are equppped with wall-mounted radiators. The heating is powered by a gas-fired Weishaupt installation. In the living room you will find a cozy wood stove (JANUS).


Sanitary: The solar panel on the roof heat a 600 liter boiler. During the summer, the solar panels produce enough hot water for all our guests.


Central vacuum cleaning system: The central unit of the vacuum cleaner is installed in the storage room in the basement. There are connection points for the central vacuum cleaner at every living level. You only have to connect the hose ........ the container is emptied once a year.

Mechanical ventilation: A separate connected mechanical ventilation unit is installed at each living level.

Satellite reception: At every living level there is a central connection for TV reception via satellite and suitable for reception of Dutch (Canal Digitaal) and French (TNT) channels.

The house is connected to the public sanitary sewer.